Brewing Tips

Start With Whole Beans

Freshly ground coffee beans have a stronger, fresher flavor and retain more of coffee’s natural antioxidants and flavonoids than preground versions. Whole beans also last longer: An open bag of beans will remain tasty for two weeks, while the ground stuff will last for only one.

Fake Froth In A Microwave

If you’re not ready to spring for a machine that makes the real thing, you can get very close with this trick: Heat 1/2 cup of milk in the microwave until small bubbles just start to form (about 1 minute). Whisk vigorously, scooping out the foam and transferring it to a small bowl as it rises to the top. Pour the warmed milk into 1/2 cup very strong coffee (or 1/3 cup espresso) and top it off with the reserved foam.

Heat More Than Just Coffee

You know why they stack the coffee cups on top of the cappuccino machine at your favorite Italian restaurant? To keep them warm, which helps your coffee stay hot longer. To keep your mug toasty at home,fill it with hot water while you wait for the coffee to brew. If you take creamor milk, heat it in a mug in the microwave before you add your java.

Buy Beans In Small Batches

When properly stored (remember, in the pantry!), coffee beans won’t ever really go bad. But as beans age, they will lose their flavor. Purchasing smaller quantities ensures that you always have fresh, tasty coffee available. Plus, it allows you to try new roasts and blends more often.

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